GAR Quantum

AAA #18636059

Semen price $25 per unit.  Please call 561-315-1074 or email for more information or to place an order.


   Defying the classical theory of what an Angus bull can be, GAR Quantum is the harbinger of a new era.  Make the Quantum leap to a calf crop that sacrifices nothing on your wish list by using Quantum in your artificial insemination program this year.  Breed leading calving ease, growth, power, style, and end product merit are all hallmarks of Quantum’s multi-trait dominance.  His AAA EPD profile features +13 CED, $195 (top 1%) $B and he also scores the coveted triple 1% in Method Genetics indices (MPI, QPI, ROI).

   Astute cattlemen across the country have declared that Quantum is the most structurally sound and eye appealing Gardiner Angus Ranch bull to hit the market in recent memory…some say ever!  Quantum moves free and easy on a great set of feet and legs.  His stout muscle expression, massive rib capacity, masculine physique and square hip just may fool you into thinking he came from a show ring.

   Quantum is seeing heavy use in seedstock and commercial herds across the United States.  He has been featured in large scale commercial heifer AI programs and in progressive ET programs by some of the leading Angus producers in the country.

   Herds rich in Gardiner Angus Ranch genetics should pay close attention to Quantum.  High use GAR sires over the last decade such as Prophet, 5050, Daybreak and Ambush 28 are nowhere to be found in Quantum’s pedigree.  He offers wide ranging mating flexibility!

** Special Note ** Embryos sired by Quantum from Gardiner Angus Ranch donor cows available from  Click Here for more information.

GAR In Sure 1524 - Dam
GAR Complete 3011 - Grandam
GAR In Sure 234 - Flush Sister to Dam

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