Angus Embryos For Sale

   The most efficient and cost effective method to make rapid genetic progress is through embryo transfer. offers breed leading registered Angus embryos from donors selected for multi-trait superiority.  The core of our genetic base originated in the Gardiner Angus Ranch program.  Embryos offered for sale are high quality and we guarantee a minimum conception rate if embryos are implanted by an AETA certified embryologist.  Embryos are available for export from the United States.

   Information on currently available matings can be found below.  Custom matings available as well.  Please call 561-315-1074 or email to purchase embryos or discuss custom mating opportunities.

Featured Matings
Mating Sire Dam Available Price Info
1513-F GAR Quantum GAR Destination 1513 20 $600 Click Here
7352-A EWA West Point 7258 Daltons Lass 7352 6 $500 Click Here
** Volume discounts available for purchases of 10 or more embryos **
Mating 1513-F
Conventional Unsexed Embryos 20 Embryos - USA Only Asking Price: $600/embryo
Top 1% $Combined Top 1% $Beef
Top 4% Marbling
Sire G A R Quantum
AAA Reg: 18636059
Dam G A R Destination 1513
AAA Reg: 17638538
CED / % BW / % WW / % YW / % Marb / % RE / % $M / % $B / % $C / %
1513-F +12 / 10 +0.1 / 25 +65 / 25 +114 / 25 +1.17 / 4 +0.96 / 10 +73 / 15 +186 / 1 +314 / 1
Dam +9 / 20 +0.2 / 25 +63 / 15 +108 / 20 +1.18 / 2 +0.71 / 15 +80 / 3 +178 / 1 +311 / 1
Sire +15 / 3 +0.0 / 25 +66 / 20 +120 / 20 +1.16 / 3 +1.21 / 1 +66 / 25 +193 / 1 +316 / 1
Parent AAA $Values updated 11/13/2020. Click for details

If you're in the market for star power, invest a few minutes reviewing this Quantum x 1513 mating. In his first calf crop, Quantum has delivered one of the most impressive sire groups that we have seen in recent times. His top 1% $Combined index of +316 is complemented by phenomenal eye appeal with that big square hip and tremendous thickness being stamped on his offspring. By the way, you get all of that in a proven calving ease package at +15 for CED. We also love that Quantum brings elite foot quality to the table with claw and angle EPDs respectively registering in the top 5% and 10% of the breed.

One of the most attractive donor profiles for us is a cow that ties together moderate mature weight and a high $Energy index without sacrificing breed leading end product merit. This is a hard genetic mix to locate, but 1513 is a donor that fits that profile exactly. Her top 3% $Maternal and top 1% $Beef indexes easily push her into the top 1% of the breed for $Combined at +311. She has a bold, powerful, look in the pasture and is as easy keeping as her $Energy index of +0 tells us she should be. 1513 is a daughter of the widely admired GAR 5050 New Design 1039 donor whose descendants have set sales records all across the United States. A small sample of household names coming from this maternal line include the $180,000 Daltons Rita 7252, the ABS Global star GAR Inertia and 1513's $45,000 flush sister GAR Destination 33. GAR Destination 33 is now in the donor pen at Riverbend Ranch in Idaho. Prior to being acquired by Riverbend, 33 produced the $170,000 SJH Momentum of 33 8018 for Hillhouse Angus in Texas. Anyway you cut it, there's a lot to like here.

These are the last embryos we will offer from 1513 for the foreseeable future as she has returned to the breeding pasture from the donor pen. At a projected +314 for $Combined, we're quite confident that this mating can be a game changer.

Mating 7352-A
Conventional Unsexed Embryos 6 Exportable Embryos Asking Price: $500/embryo
Top 1% $Combined Top 1% $Beef
Top 3% Marbling Top 5% Milk
Sire E W A West Point 7258
AAA Reg: 19054061
Dam Daltons Lass 7352
AAA Reg: 18995643
CED / % BW / % WW / % YW / % Marb / % RE / % $M / % $B / % $C / %
7352-A +12 / 10 +0.0 / 20 +71 / 10 +131 / 10 +1.24 / 3 +0.87 / 15 +64 / 40 +194 / 1 +315 / 1
Dam +12 / 10 -0.9 / 10 +68 / 10 +125 / 4 +0.85 / 15 +0.81 / 10 +68 / 20 +169 / 3 +287 / 2
Sire +12 / 10 +0.8 / 40 +74 / 10 +136 / 5 +1.63 / 1 +0.92 / 10 +59 / 40 +218 / 1 +342 / 1
Parent AAA $Values updated 11/13/2020. Click for details

West Point x Lass 7352 ties together one of the highest $Beef sires in the Angus breed with our top phenotype donor. The resulting calves should be physically stunning with a projected top 1% $Beef value of +194. We are super excited about this pairing of out of this world carcass EPDs together with a female backed by one of the nation's most productive cow families. 7352 is a deep, soggy, thick and square-hipped donor that is the exact type and kind that we love.

7352 comes from a long line of high performing donors for the Dalton and Shelton families in Virginia. This band of Lass females has produced AI stud bulls at ABS Global, ST Genetics and Select Sires. 7352's dam, the Lass 3342 cow, has placed sons at both ABS and ST Genetics. To see 7352's awesome flush brother Spring Grove Expanse, click here. Calves resulting from this mating will be next in line to continue this great Lass tradition.

About Embryo Transfer

   The technology of embryo transfer (“ET”) in cattle came of age in the 1980s and became a standard of practice in the United States’ most progressive beef herds by the 1990s.  Today, access to certified embryologists is widely available and use of ET is the most cost efficient way to multiply superior genetics derived from a special female.

   An absolute basic understanding of ET is that fertilized embryos may be harvested non-surgically from a donor cow and transferred non-surgically into a recipient cow.  Thus, females of superior genetics (donor cows) may become the biological mothers of calves raised by surrogate females of inferior genetics (recipient cows).  Further, when embryos are harvested from donor cows, they can be cryogenically preserved by freezing and storing at an extremely low temperature in liquid nitrogen.  At some later date, these frozen embryos can be thawed and transferred into recipient cows.  This process is what allows us to share our genetic base with you through the sale of frozen embryos from superior donor cows.

   If you are interested in any of the genetics featured here on and would like more information on initiating an embryo transfer program (or improving an existing ET program), please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  We are happy to assist you in learning more about the necessary steps to build your next generation of calves through ET, including locating a “reputation” embryologist that serves your geographic area.

Projected EPDs and $Values

   Projected EPDs and $Values for the matings listed here are an average of the parent EPDs and $Values published by the American Angus Association.  The mating percentile ranks are based on where the projected EPDs and $Values rank relative to the American Angus Association Non-Parent Bulls Percentile Breakdown as can be seen by clicking here.  Parent EPDs, parent $Values and Non-Parent Bulls Percentile Breakdown on this website are current as of the dates shown in the mating listings above.